Thursday, April 5, 2012

Farewell, Jeff Jones

Unfortunately another pro has left the game. Here is his farewell post from DGz:

"I figured since (No arrogance intended) I'm basically a yugioh household name, it would make more sense to post this here then hi/bye.

As some of you who are my facebook friends probably already know, I am leaving yugioh.
I'm usually not a very public person, in the sense of my personal life, but as of late, everything around me is falling apart, and I can no longer be bothered with this game. I more then likely, will not be back. I'm getting older, and I have too many things I need to attend to, and cant be allowed to be distracted by yugioh.

I'll still probably be on the forum when I'm bored and whatnot, but I'm most certainly parting with everything yugioh related I own.

Thanks for every one who has supported me, all the people i've met, and thank you to all my friends I've made over the past 10 years."

I know not everyone was a Jeff Jones fan, but I think he was one of the few great innovators we had left in the game. His top with DandyWarrior made $5 Drill Warriors jump up to $30 over night, so he had "that" effect on the game as well and therefore I always tried to follow what he did closely. I'm hoping he comes back when his life or whatever is going on gets smoothed out, but it seems like when pros quit they quit for good, at least compared to the average joe who comes back anywhere between a month to a year. 

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  1. This is sad. I personally was not a huge Jeff Jones fan but I must admit QuickDraw Dandy was and still probably is my favorite deck of all time. Maybe he will return one day but like you said a majority of the pros quit when they say it.