Friday, November 4, 2011

Do You Remember?

This is just a little thing that I'm doing for myself/for fun to recall all of my best YuGiOh memories for the sake of  nostalgia, and having them typed out so I never forget them. I'll start out with these and as I remember/think of more I will just add them at the end of my regular blog posts. This is intended to be kinda like David Letterman's top 10 list, and to stir up memories of these things that I know others have as well.

Do you remember:

1. When Adam Corn got caught cheating at Shonen Jump Seattle and literally crying about it in front of everyone. He had to write a letter explaining the situation, and I caught a glimpse of it, and it started off with "Hello, My name is Adam Corn" in like a 3rd graders penmanship.

2. Pulling off Pot-Graceful-Duo but still losing that game.

3. When that big black guy came up to Zach (Elton) all pissed off at Northtown while we were playing and said "Hey man, why you fuck my sister?!?" Then realized it wasn't who he was looking for and walked off. I think we both shat ourselves lol.

4a. Making Ian cry at the Sneak when I only gave him 3 Draw phases out of 2 games when I played Magical Explosion OTK.

4b. Lon thinking I was an idiot for playing Allure of Darkness when I had 8 spells in my hand, dumping everything, and ending my turn. (And then winning the next Draw phase.)

5. When people used to play Gadgets and Monarchs in the same deck.

6. Sitting across from Cesar Gonzalez at Seattle Shonen during decklist hand-in, and asking him why he was called Princess.

7. Playing against that fat Lightsworn kid in Texas and everyone watching our game, and when he played Heavy Storm all non-chelantly, flipping (with authority) Starlight Road and saying "Nekkah!" causing everyone to laugh.

8. Trading an Earthbound Immortal for an Archlord Kristya.

 9. When I thought my Dark Necrofear deck was so badass.

10. Playing on the floor in a corner of the bottom floor at Northtown, and a girl and her friend walking up toward us and throwing her cup full of ice at Jared.

11. Going to my first tournament and watching this kid play Exodia, seeing him draw his last card, and still not  getting all 5 pieces. Which resulted in crying on his part.

12. Tom and his 2 kids that reeked of cat pee.

13. Getting wreaked by Robert Lim at my first Regional in Cyber Dragon + Warrior Tool-box format.

14. Beating the guy who ended up getting 3rd at Seattle Shonen in Swiss 2-0, but not making top 16 cuz of tie-breakers.

15. When randoms thought that MST negated everything cuz it says destroy.

16. Going to my first local at Gamer's Den in Texas, and within 2 hours everyone talking about how "pro" I was (conversely, this shows how bad the meta was before I came along).

17. When Don Zaloog was played.

18. Whooping up on Elton with Gadgets all day when they came out, even though he talked about how bad and useless they were.

19. All of us leaving Klinger to fend for himself the night of the Seattle Shonen since he went out to dinner with the judges. We couldn't get a hold of him since he didn't have a phone, and he didn't show up where we told him to meet us. He couldn't get his stuff and slept in his judge's uniform that night with the other judges.

20. Standing in line in front of the convention center for an hour in the cold winter with everyone waiting for the Sneak to open.

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