Friday, November 11, 2011

Rabbit Testing - Day 3

Testing on DN has gone pretty well today (so far) other than playing random noobs that don't know how to play. My first game of the day on Unrated the guy ragequit. I had a Dolkka out, he had a facedown monster, and I summoned Guaiba. He left. My very next match, he went first, used a bunch of cards to bring out a first-turn Red Eyes and burn me for 2400. I summon Tour Guide, and he ragequit. I was like "screw this" so I hopped on to Rated.

I make a game and accept this guy named Captainaizen who was running some Toon World crap with big defense monsters. He has a D-Hero Defender that I simply couldn't get over, but I establish my field and keep drawing cards until I know I can do something about it. My board becomes Dolkka and Laggia with a Tour Guide and a bunch of backrow (I had Road and Solemn set). I attack, he activates Mirror Force so I negate with Laggia. He tells me that my other monsters die, I'm like no, I'm negating the entire card. I also have D-Fissure active and he tells me that my monsters get banished when I detach. I'm like no, they're materials, not monsters. If it was Macro they'd get banished (I believe) but not with D-Fissure (plz correct me if I'm wrong). I eventually draw Mind Control so I normal summon Velo, Mind Control the Defender, and XYZ for Utopia. He had gained life earlier via Draining Shield so he didn't die that turn. Once it's his turn he tells me that I have to give Defender back due to Mind Control. I was like "I XYZ'd with it, it's no longer a monster for you to have back." He doesn't budge so I'm like whatever and gave it back to him. Later on he summons Toon Dark Magician Girl and attacks, and I activate Book of Moon (needed more s/t space since I was full). He tells me that I activated too late and the damage will go through. At this point I'm like "are you for real bro or just trying to troll me?" I flipped my Solemn Warning just to show him that I coulda just negated it if I wanted to, but he literally gave me no time to even respond to the summon. Summon, battle phase, attack. I tried to call admin but unsurprisingly no one came so I just took the damage. I had a 2500 Leviathan out and was gonna pump to 3000 next turn to attack over the Defender anyway. I hate having to play against people like this, but not much you can do I guess besides keeping an eye on them and not play them in the future, and strictly playing against people you know.

Next game I play against this guy running a 51 card deck (still in Rated). He asks me "So go easy right?" I'm like "I can go slow but can't promise easy" and he misunderstood what I meant by my duel note of "testing". Guess he thought I wanted people to go easy on me. I was like "no, please don't go easy on me". First turn he sets some 1500 Normal Dragon (Hunter Dragon?) with 2 s/t. I MST his Road, summon Rabbit and go Laggia just in case that 2nd s/t is something relevant. He doesn't activate anything so I attack over his Normal dude. By the time I summon my 2nd Rabbit and XYZ for Dolkka he quits. At this point I still haven't drawn into multiples of Kaba or Saber.

My next game I played against a Machina Gadget player who finally knew how to play the game. He had a strong early game but eventually I was able to re-establish control and a Starlight Road on his Mirror Force pretty much sealed it for me. He thought he had me when he had Green, Gearframe and Fortress and activated Limiter on turn 2 but I D-Prison'd his Fortress. People get way too hasty on this thing.

I played another pretty good player who has a 255-76 record so I was excited, at least it shows he's played a bunch of games lol. He was running a strange Worm/Gravekeeper variant and had a few annoying little tricks here and there but eventually I out-advantaged him by +4 and he was down to topdecking.

As of now, I'm actually liking this version I'm testing but I still haven't gotten a chance to play against a top player with what I'd consider a top meta deck (I'm thinkin Plants, Agents, mirror, Karakuri). Nonetheless, I'm comfortable enough with the deck at this point to at least show it and talk about some of my picks, etc.

Here's a text-based list just in case any of the pics are too blurry:
3 Tour Guide
1 Sangan
3 Kabazaulus
3 Sabersaurus
3 Rabbit
3 Guaiba
1 Velo

1 Hole
1 Reborn
1 Book
2 Lance
3 D-Fissure
1 Mind

2 Warning
1 Solemn
2 Bottomless
2 Road
2 D-Prison
1 Force
2 Fiendish
1 Compulse

No side built yet

2 Dolkka
2 Laggia
1 Utopia
1 Roach
2 Leviair
1 Leviathan
1 Zenmaines
1 Catastor
1 Brionac
1 Black Rose
2 Stardust

- So far, I haven't had a significant problem drawing into multiples of the same Normal. If I do, I have enough protection to just normal summon both and get my derka that way.
- I've had a change of heart and think that 2 sets of Normal dudes is enough after all. It seems like bad Yugioh to run 3 Rabbit and only 2 Normal sets, but I haven't drawn a dead Rabbit yet with this new build. Guaiba's actually been putting in a lot of work and I make my derkas from him.
- I like the build at 42, I've mostly been drawing Guaiba or singletons of the Normals.
- Unimpressed with Forbidden Lance so far. It helped me in the Stardust -> Machina Fortress situation and a few things here and there but I'd say it's just OK.
- D-Fissure hasn't done a damn thing for me yet, but I haven't played anyone running the top stuff like Plants, Maxx Cs, Veilers, etc.
- I like the trap-heavy build with 2 Road. Makes it so I don't have to fear Rabbit'ing into Bottomless as bad and the general mass removal like Hole, Torr, Force, Heavy.
- Fiendish Chain hasn't done a whole lot for me yet and I have yet to play Compulse. The one time I drew it, I had enough control to the point where it was just a win-more card.
- I have yet to Synchro with this deck, although the only instances of me being able to do so are via Mind Control or Reborn.

I still don't believe this deck to be any better than what we have already available to us in the form of Plants, Agents, Karakuri, etc. With Rabbit's high price tag I can't imagine someone going out and buying a set just to play this deck, when the aforementioned decks are much cheaper. I'd say it's a good deck, but there are better.

On a side note, I won't be playing in locals tomorrow so someone can finally have the opportunity at getting 1st at Lightning again lol. Donut won't be there to give me the last $40 he owes me, my wife and I need to meet our realtor to go over the inspection report, and I have hw due Sunday night along with a test on Monday. I doubt my Merchants are gonna be in by tomorrow anyway :/ If anyone has suggestions or recommendations for the deck I'm all ears and am willing to try out different cards (other than Shapesnatch and Trent lol).


  1. have you been able to consistently bringout Zenmaines or is it just been a im here kinda card im asking cause u mentioned using Leviathan and it sounded like you used the right card in the situation(defender) i was just curious.

  2. I have yet to summon Zenmaines with the deck actually. If Tour Guide's like the only relevant monster I draw first turn I'll use it to bring out Sangan. Theoretically I'd like to save it for a Leviair+Rabbit play or use it as an out to whatever they may bring out later, especially if I don't know what they're playing. For example if I go turn 1 Zenmaines and they're playing Karakuri then they could just cyber dragon + chimera it away. In the defender situation I didn't want to go Zenmaines cuz I couldn't bank on my opponent using anything to destroy it and get its effect off to get rid of the defender, so figured I'd just wait an extra turn to run it over with Leviathan. Even with Zenmaines around I still like having Leviathan in the extra.

  3. ok i just wanted to make sure that you werent first turn zemaineing like everyone else on duel network its been crazy stupid and its one of the reasons i main 1 cyber dragon now people are just two careless with tour guide on dn