Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wave 2 Tin Release

So I just got back from Wal-Mart with 4 Galaxy-Eyes tins, also stopped by the post office to mail Zach's and my Troll sale and pick up some Magic cards from my PO box. It was kinda funny when I got to the card section, the cards guy was there stocking the shelves with new/re-fill product. This happened last time with the Wave 1 tins as well. If I had gone in any earlier I woulda been too early and gone somewhere else. He put up 4 Galaxy tins, and I took them right down and into my little hand-cart, so he put up some more lol.

Here were my...less than stellar pulls (holos only), but I gotta say it's better than anything I've gotten out of Wave 1:
1 The Golden Apples
1 Piercing Moray (Ulti)
1 Karakuri Haipa (Ulti)
1 E-Hero Ice Edge
1 Dodger Dragon
1 TG Halberd Cannon
1 Junk Berserker

So 7 holos out of 4 tins seems pretty decent. Too bad they're all pretty much un-movable. Maybe the Haipa cuz Karakuris are gaining popularity. Speaking of which, I sleeved and proxied up the deck, tested some hands, and seems fun. It will take me a little while to get used to which ones switch positions and whatnot and all the little combos but it's been a while since I've played something foreign to me so that should provide some entertainment for me.

Today's also exactly 1 month from when I started the blog, and I'm still happy to be writing on here, hopefully you have enjoyed it as well. The past week or two has been a little slow but I guess that's just what happens after a big event and waiting for the next set to come out. I must admit that one of my biggest inspirations in starting the blog was Mike Bonacini, and the day after I sent him a message on DGZ asking if he would link my blog on his, he announced his retirement from blogging. I was like :((( I imagined he would've come back by now but it's been almost a month and he still hasn't returned. I imagine some day in the future though he will come back, even if it's just for a short time. I've quit YuGiOh like 6 times and I'm still playing regularly.

I checked on eBay earlier today and seems that Maxx C is in the $45-50 range, so I was correct in my prediction that it would be about $45 by the time the Wave 2 tins came out, except it's not just cuz people want to copy Plants, more like cuz it's played in everything now. Pat Hoban posted an article about Maxx C yesterday on Alter Reality Games' article site, I recommend checking that out. It's nothing ground-breaking or anything but I think it's a good little tutorial/guideline about how to utilize Maxx C in the best ways and circumstances. Pretty decent read.

Oh, that reminds me, eBay has a handy little fee calculator site so that you can see exactly how much of a sale will be taken out from fees. This doesn't take into account PayPal fees though, so keep that in mind. You can also see that if you use the "low cost, high shipping" method of selling, you still have pretty much the exact same cost on you. I was curious to see what one would get from selling a Tour Guide for $180 with $2.50 shipping, and the fees came out to $16.43. No idea what the PayPal fee would be, probably around $8 so that'd be about $26 in fees, so almost $15%. Which isn't bad, but you can see that selling in person is better. Heaven forbid that the buyer try to pull a fast one on you by claiming Item Not Received or Item Not as Described.

Good luck to everyone that's picking up tins today and in the near future. Hope you pull better than I did!


  1. The Golden Apples is actually a decent card, it's just outclassed by other available options lol.

    Congratz on reaching the one month mark, keep it up.
    TBH, at the end of my 1st month of blogging (Ok, really only 2 weeks: Mid November to the end of November of last year), I had accumulated only 380 pageviews lol. I look forward to seeing your blog grow.

  2. Thanks LFN I appreciate you linking my blog on yours, undoubtedly it leads to a lot of my pageviews. As views increase at a faster rate I dig deeper to try and provide the best content that I can. Sometimes you get to the point of "so what should I write about next?..." I wish my teammates could contribute as well so we could provide many differing opinions on certain matters, rather than all my own, perhaps I can work on trying to get that in place.

  3. might as well start typing something :D

    you're running a decent blog here, the frequency of updates is just great, I just hope you don't burn yourself out with yugioh or get bored with the competition you have there

    More power to your team!!!