Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rabbit Testing - Day 2

So after I posted last night, I got in a few games against Mikey with Karakuris. That deck is a very nice change of pace from Agents for me and I enjoyed it very much. Hopefully my set of Merchants come in by Saturday so I can run it for the tournament on Saturday if I'm able to go.

Mikey and I played on DN again this morning/early afternoon, I played a couple games with my Agents then decided I would tweak my Rabbit build to see if it'd flow any better. I think I spent like 5 minutes taking out the crap and putting in stuff that I thought would be better. I think we got 4 total games in with me running Rabbit and him running his Zombie deck and then a GB deck he made. By the time we got to Rabbit testing I only had about an hour and a half left before I had to head back to class. Our last game pretty much came down to topdeck'ing and was quite fun. I went 3-1 (or 4-1, don't remember number of games we played) in our testing. Overall I felt much better about the build I tested today compared to the one last night, even though I dislike Kabazaulus very much when you gotta use it as a 1700 beater. I felt like I was playing back in 2002 lol.

Changes I made:
- Up the deckcount to 42. I didn't draw into any multiples of my Normal guys (yet).
- Add a set of Gene-Warped Warwolf for my 3rd set of Normals. I don't like it, but I think that 3 sets of Normals is necessary for Rabbit, and it runs over T-King. I don't think there are any other Normal Dino alternatives.
- Drop Maxx C's. I originally thought that it would be a good idea. Gives you card advantage, but realized it promotes drawing multiple Normals. 
- Drop Morays, Gold Sarcs, Hydrogeddons, and add a set of Jurrac Guaiba w/ 1 Velo.
- Add a couple more battle-trick cards like Lance and Chalice, and include more traps for defense.

My "I Wish/lol" list:
- That Dinos had a "Horn of the Phantom Beast"-like card. Chalice and Lance are cool and all, but I like Horn so much more.
- That Tengu was a Dino.
- That Dinos had a 2000ATK Normal.

Contemplation list:
- Adding Call of the Haunted, in the effort to make it easier to bring out Laggia/Dolkka.
- Dropping the Warwolfs but still maintaining a 42 deckcount. After my testing from last night I can't imagine running only 2 sets of Normals, but I'll just have to mess around with it. 

Tomorrow is a day off so I hope to get in a more substantial number of games in. I only had about 2 hours of free time today and I didn't want to exclusively test Rabbit, hence why I only got the 4 games in. I'll post a decklist after tomorrow's testing, granted I obtain at least somewhat similar results to how I did today. I also need to spend a little time on the forums to see what progress anyone has made/what their ideas are.
Seattle Regionals is this weekend, unfortunately none of the team will be making the trip up. Like I mentioned way back, my wife and I paid for Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil tickets so gotta go to that Saturday night. Link and Nate are going to a Pokemon regionals in Portland, I'm slightly disappointed they're picking Pokemon over Yugz but I can see why they'd want to do so, if like they thought it was easier to win out in Pokemon than Yugioh. If I played both games and there was a regionals on the same weekend for both games, I'd play the one that I thought I had a better chance of winning at. I'm not sure about the driving conditions on the Pass, so that may be a factor as well. In general driving to Portland is a much better and safer drive than Seattle. And there's no tax if you want to buy stuff in general :) I'm not sure if we have an official "Pokemon division" of the team, but nonetheless, "good luck" to Nate and Link at the Pokemon tourney. As for everyone else, I don't think anyone has the time or money to make the trip.
Our PHSW case has been paid off with Dave and Adam's Card World, so we should be getting that in about a week and a half. We're just hoping to break even on it, if we could pull 2 Rabbits that would be great but I'm not sure if that's even possible on a case. Do they make it so each Secret per box in a case is different?

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