Friday, November 18, 2011

YCS Kansas + High Hopes/Expectations

All this time I thought YCS Kansas was next weekend instead of this weekend, lol shows how much I've been out of touch the past week. Yesterday Danny, Zach, and I got to open our case. I'd say our pulls were fairly middle-of-the-road. Another Rabbit instead of anything below Laggia (in the list below) woulda set us well in the green.

Our notables included:
1 Rescue Rabbit
1 Zenmaines
3 Dolkka
2 Dark Smog
2 Laggia
1 Wind-Up Rabbit
2 Shard of Greed
1 Metaion
1 D-Boyz

What we initially decided to do was sell all the high-end stuff before all their values plummet, and divvy up the rest of the stuff that wouldn't sell for much of anything on eBay/Troll/ARG. ARG's buy prices for PHSW are pretty crap, and Troll hasn't put up a section for the set yet, and you know how much I dislike selling on eBay. What I decided was to trade all the stuff on Pojo toward stuff that Troll/ARG will give good values for. This way I can trade on equal current values, but then having the option to sell the traded stuff to Troll/ARG because the new cards are going down in value every day. As more people get their boxes/cases in the mail, it temporarily saturates the market of product, thus causing values to go down cuz everyone is competing with each other to ensure a sale. We also don't have high hopes for Rabbit.dek doing well, thus causing values to go down even more. The worst-case scenario is that we held on to the Rabbit stuff, the deck fail to meet expectations at the YCS, and then it being very hard to move/values are way under what we would've got. On the flip side, we'd be losing a lot as well if the deck takes a lot of tops and everything goes up since they're Ultra/Secret, but I can't imagine that happening with the current top decks' consistencies, speed, and power in general.

As for the YCS, I'm guessing we can just expect more of the same as the last one, except the "spotlights" will once again be on Darkworld and also Rabbit. If Darkworld fails to take any tops again, in most peoples' minds that would cement their view that the deck was just all hype. If Rabbit fails to take any tops, then Rabbit, Dolkka, and Laggia will probably see a 50% price cut and you could expect to see a lot of PHSW product hanging on the shelves of your local Walmart/Target/etc. If both scenarios occur, then I could imagine a significant hit on Plants in March, since like I talked about before, Konami needs to push their product and it's hurting them that the new product/decktype they're trying to push fails at the big events. I don't have any concrete proof of this or anything, but it's just common sense right? People tend to not buy stuff that hasn't proven itself to be good, whether it be cards, videogames, electronics, computers, cars, and anything else you can buy in general. However, the one thing Plants have aiding them in NOT getting hit is the OCG. Looking at their meta, one could say that Agents would be the deck to get hit the most. Since they obviously don't have Tengu and Tour Guide, you rarely see a Plant-engine based deck top their tourneys besides the occasional Junk Doppel/Zombie/randy mill deck. I think whatever happens with the list in March will be a big indicator as to exactly which game (TCG or OCG) actually affects the list greater since we have a pretty clear Plants (TCG) vs Agents (OCG) line drawn between the two.

Unfortunately I won't get to play this weekend again due to work, and next weekend is the hassle of Thanksgiving + buying presents + family + homework + a test on that following Monday (such BS). After that, my wife and I will probably have to go full throttle in the packing and moving process. I've already moved my stuff to Danny's, it's probably gonna have to stay there until we've finally moved in. Whenever I do get the opportunity to play, my Karakuri is good to go.

Good luck to everyone at the YCS, and if you're still holding on to Ravens and Smogs, and holding on to Rabbit stuff, keep your eyes peeled on the forums and coverage to see how the decks are doing. If your money's important to you it may be in your best interest to sell some things on Sunday!

Speaking of coverage, I find it absolutely ridiculous that decklists for Columbus still aren't up. Sure you can find them on Youtube and whatnot, but seriously, what a f'n joke. I will do like last time and scour Youtube and the forums and post the decklists as I find them on the blog for everyone to be able to read.


  1. i have results for YCS KC on my blog if you are interested no decklists yet but I'm going to try and find them.

  2. Sweet, well I'm compiling the lists as I find them. I didn't know you had a blog, I will link yours on mine.