Tuesday, November 22, 2011

YCS Kansas Recap + Looking ahead

Well seems like hell has frozen over, Konami already put up the top 32 decklists for Kansas. I think this is the quickest they've had them up in a very long time. I don't care for the 1.5 spacing though, I think it makes it take more space than it needs to, and it makes it so each category of card (monster, spell, etc) and the separation between players harder to see.

As expected, Plants (I refuse to call it anything other than that, for simplicity's sake) took the majority of the top spots but there was decent representation of the other top decks as well. Rabbit did better than I expected but it's not going to affect my local meta. I think Danny and I are still the only players that play that have Tour Guides, so there ain't no way people are gonna shell out for the Rabbits and the needed Tour Guides to play this.

One thing I found interesting was the decreased use of Kristya in the Agent decks; out of the 5 Agent decks that topped, only Camden Keener played 2 Kristya and only the guy running the Herald of Perfection version ran 1. This trend follows what's been happening with the OCG for quite some time, and parallels my assessment that it was "dead in my hand more often than it was live on the field."

It is nice having a few Dark World top, just for the sake of having a template to work off of. The three builds are fairly different, and some have rather "wtf" card picks/techs. Vincent Mireles, who did the best out of the 3 DW players, didn't run any Tour Guides. I'm not sure if this is the "optimal" approach to the deck, but something worth considering. If anything it's justification for those without Tour Guides to run the deck.

Looking ahead, I think the relevant products are Order of Chaos and the new Dragon structure deck. I haven't read too much into what's in ORCS, but apparently Wind-Ups continue to get more support, and Trans Archfiend will help Dark World. I'm sure we'll see other stuff like Dino support, pretty much Konami continuing their broke deck -> nerf -> new broke deck cycle. The March ban list will heavily affect how the game looks beyond that point. They'll either nerf according to the OCG, TCG, or say "screw it" and hit both games. Until then though, I'd say the format has stabilized to where the top decks are Plants, Agents, Rabbit, Dark World, and Karakuri. To me, "Chaos" just looks like Plants but minus the Tengu and Plant engine and adding 3 D-Alch, 2 Sorc, with Dark/Light techs. Same "good stuff" philosophy for the most part. I can totally expect to see someone running a version of it without Tour Guides at locals.


  1. I thought the same thing when I saw the top 32 decklists were posted, I almost had a heart attack they were posted so fast lol.

    Good point on kristya though it is true the hinderance is beggining to outweigh the value.

    In regards to order of chaos the set looks to be quite interesting, I personally like royal prison and of course the ninja's are cool, the set looks to be good though.

  2. I've been seeing Inzectors played on DN quite a bit, are they in ORCS? No clue about Ninjas. I added your blog to my blog list, if you could do the same that'd be greatly appreciated!