Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SD22 - Dragonic Legion Update

There's been a whole slew of product updates over in Shriek OCG land, but I'll talk about the updates for the Dragonic Legion structure deck since that's the only really relevant one for us for the time being.

The current list of revealed cards is:
Lightpulsar Dragon
Darkflare Dragon
Blue Eyes
Red Eyes
Chaos Sorcerer
Red Eyes B. Chick
White Stone of Legend
Axe Dragonute
Vice Dragon
Dark Armed Dragon
Lord of Dragons
Chaos Space (?)
Burst Stream of Destruction
Light of Redemption
Inferno Fire Blast
Wingbeat of a Giant Dragon
Burst Breath
Flute of Summoning Dragon
Escape from the Dark Dimension

I guess it's nice to have a Dark Armed reprint, but they're fairly easy to get now and hardly any decks run him these days anyway. If you have any Super REDMD, I'd really recommend selling them. Troll & Toad's buying them at $10 a piece. I picked up 3 for a Utopia at the PHSW Sneak and sold them to Troll when they were buying them for $7 and thought I was doing good, so $10 is even better. I see very little reason for them not including it in the deck when we eventually get it.

The past 2 days I got to playtest against Cody, a friend of mine from Texas. It's nice getting back in touch with the guys from Corpus :) Last night we ended up playing like 6-8 games of Karakuri vs TG Agent and it was very back and forth. Generally whoever went first won that game. He's very notorious for having/drawing into exactly what he needs for any given time, so you always have to play around it. If you think he has Gorz, just assume he does. Assume he's gonna drop BLS or Dark Hole if you set up a field, and assume he has Heavy if you're contemplating setting 2 backrow. Even if I'm +4 on him all of his cards will be exactly what he needs to win on his turn if he finds an opening, lol.

Mikey has been messing around with Chain Burn on DN, which got me really interested in the deck. Apparently some topped recently, one in South Dakota and one in Seattle at this past weekend's regionals. Then I saw that Dale Bellido played it as a fun deck at the last regionals of last format and topped with it, and he ran it cuz someone beat him with it at Nationals, causing him to miss his top there. I read the cards and a few forum threads over and I purchased everything I didn't have for the deck for $16 on ARG. It will mostly be a troll deck that I can win with at locals once or twice, or until people start committing a mass amount of anti-burn cards in their side. It's not really a "budget" deck per se since it runs 3 Maxx C, but it's helluva lot more "budget" than Plants or TGU Agents that's for sure. It doesn't really need an Extra deck, which accounts for quite a bit of a deck's price as well. I used to play stall/burn back when BLS was in its prime when it first came out, so there's a lot of nostalgia there. I remember launching a Wave Motion Cannon for 6000 for the win once, that was so funny and epic.

Mikey is also going to make Team Overload shirts for us, which is beyond awesome. I can't even express the gratitude I have. The one thing from this game that everyone should keep with them after the game eventually dies out or they quit, is the friendships they've made from playing it. It's crazy to think that one can make life-long relationships with people from playing a children's card game, but the guys from Corpus and Team O are my bros for life. (Don't mean to sound so sappy, sorry lol)

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