Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rabbit Testing - Day 1

So the day before yesterday I made up a Rabbit.dek list that I wanted to try out on Dueling Network. I found it quite difficult to rationalize what route I wanted to try and thought would be best, but I decided on a trap-heavy Moray build. I got one game in against some really random deck, stomped it, and decided I'd probably just end up facing against jank decks and not get productive testing done, so I stopped. Today I got to test 2 games against Mikey, he's never really used DN before and was helping customers while he was at work, and I had to leave to go meet the home inspector, hence why we only got 2 games in.

From what I've seen so far, it seems that having only 2 sets of normal monsters isn't enough. I tried 3 Kabazaulus and 3 Sabersaurus. If you get your Rabbit off once, and draw 2 of the other set (ie Rabbit for 2x Kaba, and draw into 2x Saber), any future Rabbit plays are dead unless you Avarice them back. You're pretty much relying on your guys staying on the field/playing the beatdown game. I also used 3 Hydrogeddon to go with the Morays. I dunno if my numbers just aren't right or if I'm taking the wrong approach to the deck or what, but the deck just seemed very clunky overall. I don't really want to "blame DN's randomization" either. It's like draw multiple of your guys and not draw Moray, or vice versa. I also incorporated the Tour Guide + Gold Sarc combo, but never got that off. I remember that combo being very hyped in Agents, I tried it out myself for a while, and I think I got it off like once, and have subsequently dropped Gold Sarcs altogether. That's probably what will happen for this deck as well.

I've seen the OCG build that got first out of a 70-man tournament, I'd kinda like to try that one and see how it fares, but undoubtedly Tour Guide is too good not to run in this deck, right? I've also read about people having some success with D-Fissure builds, so that's another option. This deck seems like it has so many ways it can be run, it's really hard to decide which one to go with and test. Unfortunately I don't have a great deal of time to test and dink around with decks to come up with this kind of stuff either. I've never been a particularly good deckbuilder, and with the advent of the Internet, it's just much easier to copy a deck that has proven itself in a large tournament and tweak it to your play preferences. I don't want to turn this into a net-deck vs originality post though, I may do that at a later time.

As for the deck, my current stance is that it will fail to perform as hyped in this upcoming YCS. Like I mentioned previously, Laggia and Dolkka are phenomenal monsters, but the inconsistency of drawing into multiples of the same normal monster is what I believe will ultimately hold this deck back. At one point I considered upping the deck count to 42 to try and minimize this, but decided against it and ran 41. I think the consistency and resiliency of the top decks we have now will outshine Rabbit's capabilities and inconsistencies, but I won't write the deck off quite yet. Three games with a crap build is hardly justification to do so.

Tomorrow I will get some more testing in and re-vamp the deck in general. I also want to test Karakuri and my Agents, since I know it's good and want to get in some actual good games with Mikey in general. It has been a long time since we got to play like we used to. If I start finding a decent amount of success with Rabbit in testing I will post a build of what I'm working with, but I'm not gonna post a crap build that fails.

As for me getting back into Magic, it actually hasn't gotten anywhere since I last talked about it. Between school, homework, work, selling cards, playing Yugz, and the whole house-buying process, I simply haven't had the time or the initiative to look into what's going on in Magic. I haven't even touched my PS3 in like 2 weeks. Realistically speaking I'll probably just sell or trade the cards I bought and nip it in the bud altogether. I don't want to hold onto 30-some cards, convince myself that I'm going to get back into it, never do, and lose the value that I had with what I bought.


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  2. i like that you say that you dont want to bash rabbit and give your reasons i peronally think its overhyped but i guess we will see soon