Monday, November 7, 2011

What's up with Team O? Status Update 2 + Captain's PHSW Report

So our team captain Danny ended up winning the Sneak Peek at Board Game Nation on Sunday, so we had domination over the Sneaks this weekend. We didn't play at Uncle's but Shiggs took that one lol. Danny wrote up a tourney report so I'd like to share that below:

Wow seriously I feel like I turned over a new chapter in my life. They say that yugioh is just a card game well it is still very self validating. For a long time I question who I was, if I was still a good player and that made me question everything in my life. My job, my marriage, if I could be a good dad and they were all failing. My boss told me what happen to you? You walked around here and you held your head up high no matter what happened you use to be one of the best salesman we ever had here. I didn’t know what to say. Then he told me that I have to have a positive out look on my whole life so I have to take the good and understand the bad. Now I know I'm not gonna win every tournament I play in but I need to believe I can still win and this is how my day turned out.

Round 1 plants vs fairys
I play my long time buddie and teammate alan siebrecht now I thought damn seriously I cant get some chump first round. right out the gate one of the best players at the tourney.
Game 1 I win with t king lock and maxx c’s god I love this card
Game 2 I play maxx c on turn 2 he plays thru it and otk’s me how gutsy literally who does that lol
We go into time and I win.
Record: 1-0

Round 2 plants vs fairys again lol
Game 1 It was a really funky match he d prison my Tengu which I couldn’t believe lol I guess he had some logic behind it but spore and tengu won me this one.
Game 2 I hate fairys he otked me sweet love it.
Game 3 I open up T-King he sets Sangan loses it passes again, sets Shine Ball, passes again, sets Herald I think I got him on the ropes but he kills my King  8(. So I play One for One pitch Dandy and he chains Gozen match I'm thinking I sided out all 3 Mystical Space Typhoons I'm done. Spore and Dandy are wind tokens I summon Debris next turn swing for 1400 next turn summon Tengu lol all wind monsters still. He can't top to save his life. Next turn I synch for Orient Dragon still a wind monster then I go for Stardust basically you get it by now I take game 3.
Record: 2-0

Round 3 plants vs scraps
Now you think scraps what the heck but this kid makes it work he gets plus ones all day
Game 1 I really don’t remember but I win sorry.
Game 2 He sided Imperial Iron Wall now this was weird cause I thought that card sucks but none the less I have T-King out he has Tengu out, summons another, I play Bottomless on his last Tengu and he chains Imperial Iron Wall to save his Tengu. Then he XYZ summons for u top pia (lol that’s how we say it around my parts I guess). In my hand I have Gorz, Crow, BLS, and Tengu at this point. He draws real janky, plays TKing, I think I'm done cause my hand was bull only Gorz could save me and I can't summon BLS cause of the wall. I draw Dark Hole hit his face down and my TKing. I summon Debris thinking Black Rose time, oh my goodness Solemn Warning dotcom. Then he plays Heavy on his own Wall and passes I summon BLS and the rest is history but I never understood why he played heavy on his own card.
Record: 3-0

Top 4 plants vs agents (are you starting to see the trend I played agents all day)
Alan again this one ended quick sorry buddie much love
Game 1 I win
Game 2 He summons TKing and sets a back row. I summon Tour Guide and pull out Sangan from the deck, play Leeching the Light, hit him for 3900. He goes and passes. I summon Tengu and he tells me wow seriously even if he played Torrential wow the plusses. I win game 2. Good job to Alan he played for third and won his mat for the sneak peak.
Oh snap the finals
Record: 4-0

Finals plants vs scraps
Game 1 He wins I Solemn Warning his Scrap Dragon and he gets a ruling from the judge that he still gets the effect of Scrap Dragon and I was like wow seriously but I went with it. I wasn’t sure at this point if it was real or not and I still don’t know.
Game 2 I win
Game 3 Now I know game 2 was short but heres why game 3 was crazy he took my life poins down to 2200 and this game was his with his Tengu at 3300 cause of two Horn of the Phatom Beast I was like in trouble fast. Here are the fields: his field Tengu, 2 Horns, Monster Reborn my Hyper Librarian and a set monster and set trap. My field: Catastor, Tengu and my hand Crow, Pot of Avarice. Before I go into battle phase he Veilers Catastor so I go Glow up Bulb he Debunks it I play Crow for the fifth target for Pot of Avarice. I draw Tour Guide and Enemy Controller. I play Enemy on Tengu to take his Tengu, special mine from the deck, attack my Librarian to bring him down to 7200, attack his facedown Scrap Goblin with both my Tengu and Catastor. He has no target in the grave for Scrap Goblin. I XYZ summon both Tengus. He goes he sets one back row and summons Scrap Beast. My turn I draw Reborn I target Hyper Librarian. Now my field is Librarian Utopia and Catastor. I summon Tour Guide search out another Guide, XYZ summon Leviair, bring back Glow Up Bulb synchro for Brionac, draw off Librarian, pitch for his back row, attack for game and I'm the sneak peak champ go team overload.

Thru out this tournament I remained positive and believed I could win. I wanna thank my teammates for encouraging me the whole time and I wanna thank my manager at my job David for making me believe in myself. I told my teammates I was gonna win the sneak and I did there you have it yugioh players just have faith in you and you can accomplish anything.

As for the state of the team, it looks like our active roster is Danny, Rob, Zach, Alan, and myself. I think Link is focused on Pokemon and Nate is re-building his deck. Dwight is busy with football, apparently their team is going to States (congrats). I think Antonio is pretty much off the team and done with Yugz, and don't really have much clue on Epler but seeing as how he hasn't been at his own turf's tourney in 6 weeks it seems safe to say he isn't in to playing all that much. Like I mentioned way back when I started the blog, we'd like to have a solid stable of people that are the best in skill that our area has to offer, actively playing, and a good teammate. If they aren't up to snuff in skill, then we at least need to see that they have the potential. You can usually tell when someone has reached their cap, or see that they have some kind of mental obstacle they need to overcome to reach "that" level. Some people, regardless of how much they play, spend money, or are coached, will simply just never get there. If that were not true, then one could say that anybody could be a professional [insert random sport here] player as long as they tried and practiced hard and long enough. That simply isn't true; people have a cap.

I finally ordered my set of Karakuri Merchant, and a Burei for Danny. I gotta trade for a Barkion though - I'm not gonna buy one since the deck doesn't go into level 6 all that much anyway. Seems like it's a "good to have, but not 100% necessary" kinda thing.

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