Monday, November 14, 2011

Product Info - HA05 SE

EDIT: Apparently this is a Europe-only product.
Quote from Pojo:

Originally Posted by KevinTewart 
Please note that Hidden Arsenal 5 Special Edition is only for Europe, Latin America (and in Spanish only there), and Australia/New Zealand.

It will not be available in the U.S. or Canada.
So much for that! Oh well I'm still selling my Bulb to Troll for $40, they keep upping their buy price - can't complain since it's almost full price w/out fees!

So according to Shriek TCG, Konami is releasing a Special Edition for Hidden Arsenal 5 which includes 1 of 2 promo cards. With a release date of January 2012, it's coming out only one month after the regular release date. Could this be because Konami realizes people aren't too hyped up about this HA compared to HA04 since it had Trishula? Go with the mindset of "if it has a good promo, people will buy it." Hopefully they don't mess up this one like they are with the Six Samurai SE thing. The packs for that are lackluster, and the promo is worthless (Elder of the Six Sam). If they had wanted to sell that thing, they would've made an Ultra or Secret Kizan, which you know, people play 3 of in that deck (whoever still plays with it that is). Or, make and put in an all-new exclusive that would make them relevant again. I think they are a few months late on the idea of a Six Sam SE.

So what may the promos be for this SE? Last one we had 2 secrets, Emmersblade and Pineapple. Will they keep with the pattern of reprinting old set secrets, reprint some old HA cards (*cough*Brionac*cough*), or neither? I wouldn't mind a Brionac reprint. I'm sure everyone's wish-list is just gonna be the cards they had hoped to be in LCGX and the Wave 2 tins but didn't end up making it. Stuff like Scrap Dragon, Lyla, Glow-Up Bulb, Fabled Raven, Infernity Barrier. Then you got the fanatics that're gonna be like "Tour Guide!!" Who knows what will be in it, but just some food for thought if people had multiples of these cards and especially if they weren't using them. My Bulb is goin' for sure since I'm not using it and Troll is paying $35 for them.

I will post more on this SE whenever I find info on what the promos are.

Not much else interesting to note, Link got 9th at the Portland Pokemon regional this past weekend, our PHSW case is going to be in on Wednesday, and I haven't had a chance to do any more testing with Rabbit due to homework/a test today.


  1. what do you want to be reprinted (other than brionac)?

  2. Honestly I'd be satisfied if they gave us one of the cards that I mentioned and some crappier Secret to go with it. Or something like E-Hero Shining since Europe needs it anyway. Realistically though I'm guessing Shining will be in ORCS SE, Gold 5, or further out like 2012 tins.

    On that note I just had a "durr" moment, X-Sabers and Naturias are HA/DT archetypes, hence why they may have went with Emmers and Pineapple for the reprints. If that's the case then it may be safe to assume we aren't going to be getting any of those cards, but I also can't think of any HA/DT-archetype cards that anyone would want other than their synchros. In that case a Brionac and Nat Barkion reprint would be awesome, but we'd probably get Vajrayana or something. It's really hard to tell with Konami.

  3. i was expecting Vajrayana. barkion or beast would be pretty nice but who knows just hope its worth getting a playset of

  4. Sorry, apparently this is a Europe-only product. Original post has been updated.