Monday, October 31, 2011

The Week Ahead

So this should be a fun week for the YuGiOh TCG!

First and foremost is the release of the Wave 2 tins tomorrow, where we can finally get our Solemn Warning, Darksoul, Fossil Dyna, Ehren, and Eatos reprints. In the end I may end up getting 6 Galaxy Eyes altogether, but I'll start out with 4 like I said I would get originally. The fact that the Wave 2 tins have an extra EXVC pack intrigues me very much, even though realistically I ain't gettin' another Tour Guide. We can dream though, right? Surely people are gonna pull it though, those lucky sonsofbitches! With these tins I look at it for the promos as the primary buy, and the packs as a bonus. Wanna know what the best card (in terms of value) I pulled out of a booster was out of 11 Wave 1 tins? 1 freakin' Birdman, and the rest was jank. I should be rewarded with a Tour Guide to help balance it out lol. Can't wait to pick Wave 2 up tomorrow :) What will this mean for me in terms of our local meta? Well I imagine my Hyperions getting Warning'd and ruining my day.

At the end of the week we have the Sneak Peek for Photon Shockwave. I always thought of Sneak Peeks like 'Christmas that comes 4 times a year'. It's the best time of the year to get your hustle on! I'm really curious to see what the turnout for the tournament is in comparison to how many people show up just to get the new stuff. I always thought it was odd how people buy and collect cards but never play in tournaments. Why pay for something that you aren't going to use? I guess I just have a too black-and-white perspective on things like this.

I've already sold off most of Zach's good stuff to ARG and Troll, and I added a few of my cards (like $90-worth) to go with it since I had some stuff I wanted to sell as well. Now I just gotta get rid of his jank holos, beat up Monster Binder, and 2 mats. Does anybody need/want 357 bulk holos w/ a M.Binder and 2 mats? I'm including some spare packs I have lying around from tournament-winnings as well. Looking to get $120-200 for it but willing to negotiate on prices/throw-ins. If you'd like to do a trade/buy via Pojo feel free to leave me a comment with your username and I will send you a PM from my account, and we can discuss there.

Feel free to check the listing at:

I was planning on building that Karakuri deck when I got home today but now that I think about it, I don't think I have the little Stratos guy lol. I'll have to see. I'm sure Jeff has a bunch of extras though so I'll ask him for 3 on Saturday if I don't have any. I'm not sure what to do with my Darkworld stuff..Fabled Ravens are still $40 and a Dragged Down is like $6. Do I really want to throw in another $50 to play the deck? Not really. If I can somehow trade for a Raven that'd be fine, but I don't think I want to straight-up buy one. I wouldn't even mind paying $6 for a Dragged Down, but $40 for a Raven, meh, just doesn't seem worth it for a deck that had no tops. Speaking of Darkworld, I saw Dale Bellido's duel video of him playing a DW Plants deck, I just kinda thought to myself that DW can be inconsistent on their own, and then throwing the Plant engine into it? Seems like it could be even more inconsistent, but I can't argue with the philosophies of a player like Dale Bellido. He hasn't posted his full list, I'm guessing there are more cards to it which can help make it more consistent.

Guess that's about it for the moment. Have a Happy Halloween, whether you go for the candy, parties, or just stay home (like in my case). Save some money for the tins for tomorrow though! :)

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