Sunday, October 2, 2011

Locals Report 10-1-11; Lightning Comics

Unfortunately this was a very boring, in terms of playing, local event.
So I get woken up at 5AM because my wife takes 3 hours to get ready (shower, make-up, get dressed, etc). Once she leaves at 8, I get and pack up my things. Donut bought my Pokemon cards so I throw all that into my backpack. Nate told me Glad Beast was popular at Lighting so I had shifted my side deck to include more GB hate, I change my sided Snowman Eater to a Legendary Jujitsu Master though, since I realize "well I can kill their first monster, but after that they can just run into it and tag."
Took a shower, and I went to the post office to mail off a Pojo trade, go to Wal-Mart to get some money since I still owed Link money from selling his stuff, picked up some chews for my dog cuz those are like pacifiers for her (she's constantly crazy and hyper otherwise). Head back home, grab a quick bite, grab my stuff and my dog since I have to take her to daycare (yes, there is such a thing as doggy daycare. It's actually very nice.).

Once I arrive at Lightning, I see that there are a lot of people. Link and Nate come greet me and we hug it out like a boss <3. I buy Nate's Roach, 2 Ulti Effect Veiler, and Tengu for $46 and an Ultra Malicious and D-Draw, maybe something else too, I forget. I go around and trade with a few other people, mostly trying to pick up stuff that Troll & Toad will offer decent for. I realize that this weekend is some kind of Magic Pre-Release or Release, and the Yu-Gi-Oh crowd is minimal. Donut comes a bit later with his hair all did, and I get to unload my Pokemon stuff to him.

At one point there was this weird guy who I had never seen before, about my age I guess, and I see him bend down to go to his hands and feet, squatted over like a damn chimpanzee or like Beast from 'X-Men,' then he starts running/crawling around the store like that. I'm like wtf dude, seriously, what is wrong with you. It's people like him that give card players a bad name.

About 1:30 and the tournament finally starts. There's a massive 7 people including me. Oh boy.
Round 1 vs some guy that was borrowing Big Mike's Six Sam deck:
Game 1: I end up Black Rose'ing early on his 3 backrow and set monster (risky, I know, but I wasn't feeling that he had Road down), and I keep pressure on with Venus and Gachi. He gets rid of my field then I BLS for the win.
Game 2: He opens nutty Six Sam crap and I open with Birdman, Orange Light, and some other dead cards.
Game 3: I get and maintain early advantage, then I basically have complete control with Trishula and Hyperion as he's top-decking.

Round 2 vs crazy chimpanzee guy:
Game 1: He's playing some Meklord crap, I have no idea what 90% of the cards do, but Trish and T-King put in enough work. He does some cute trick to get out Wisel, I summon Earth, then Monster Reborn target'ing my T-King, of course he negates like I thought he would, so I Dark Hole and he's out of cards.
Game 2: Does some trick to bring out 2 Granels, I torrential, he then brings out Granel and Skiel, then I Dark Hole. He's all like "I KNEW I shoulda kept one of those guys." Wouldn't have really mattered since I was like +4 on him pretty much all game.

Round 3 vs Colin(?) [Kid that plays Ultimate Offering Gadgets]
Game 1: He runs Level Limit, so my Earth kills his Green Gadget, and Venus + Gachi everything else. He compulses Gachi and I'm like damn that's annoying. His attempt at a Utopia gets bottomless'd. Hyperion cleans up the backrows over time and BLS picks away at his monsters.
Game 2: I open Venus + Gachi play then double Gold Sarc for Cyber Dragon and Tour Guide. I pulling the Rug his Green Gadget and he has to read what it does. He's like ok, then activates UO for a field of Roach, Utopia, and Zenmaister. Kills my Venus and 1 Shineball off Gachi (Gachi is such a pimp). I Dark Hole and go Tour Guide into Tour Guide for Leviathan, bring out BLS, bring out Hyperion, and swing for 8200.

Obviously I'm the only undefeated and with there only being 7 people that's the end of the tournament. I get my whole $8 in store credit, say bye to Link and Donut, talk to Danny on the phone for a bit, then proceed back home.

My deck, based loosely off Alexander St. Louis' YCS Toronto deck:
41 total
3x Hyperion
3x Agent Venus
3x Agent Earth
3x Shine Ball
3x Tour Guide
1x Sangan
1x Gorz
1x BLS
2x Kristya
2x Orange Light
2x Thunder King (picked these up so swapped Trag with them)
1x Veiler
1x Birdman
1x Honest

2x Gold Sarco
2x MST
1x Heavy
1x Hole
1x Reborn
1x Mind Control

2x Bottomless
1x Dustshoot
1x Torrential
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Judgment

Pretty standard, unnecessary to go through

2x Crow
2x Pulling the Rug
2x Cyber Dragon
1x Chimeratech
2x Mirror of Oaths
1x Legendary Jujitsu Master
2x Debunk
1x MST
1x D-Prison
1x Mind Crush

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