Monday, October 3, 2011

Small Tour Guide update

Now I won't be doing this on a daily basis, just thought I should mention that Tour Guide's value has theoretically gone up even more, considering Troll and Toad is buying 1st ed ones for 130 and Unl ones for $125. That's a $10 and $15 price increase in a single day. If Troll and Toad is buying them for that much, then you could add a proportional amount to eBay value, where most people buy singles in the first place. Also have to consider that stores like T&T buy for profit; that means people are willing to pay enough for them on their site for T&T to still make profit by purchasing at those values. I will probably shift my prediction by saying that it'll peak at $200; I can't see it going above that, but you never know.

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