Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photon Shockwave Set Review - Part 2

These things are monotonous - so many bad cards!

This card can attack opponent directly.  When this card deals Battle Damage to opponent's Life in a Direct Attack, add a [Eleki] monster from your deck to hand.
As far as I know there aren't any competitive "Eleki" cards. It's effect is good for an Eleki deck I suppose.

Natural Malon
When this card is successfully summoned, you can send a [Natural] monster from your deck to Graveyard.  Also, once per turn, by choosing and returing 2 [Natural] monsters from your Graveyard to your deck, you can draw a card.
I've never played with or against Naturias that much, so I'm not sure what their strengths/overall goals are.  This effect is a lot like Scrap Recycler, and that guy didn't see a whole lot of play.

Evangelist of Ice Barrier
When there's [Ice Barrier] monster on your field, you can special summon this card from your hand.  During the turn that this card is special summoned by this effect, you cannot special summon monster(s) with level 5 or more.  Also, you can release this card to choose and special summon a [Ice Barrier] monster other than [Evangelist of Ice Barrier] from your Graveyard.
As far as I know the only Ice Barrier monsters worth a damn are the synchros. The second and third lines seem to directly conflict with each other, so I don't see what the point is to special summon it via its effect.

Silver Ninja
When this card is reversed, you can special summon any number of [Ninja] monster(s) other than [Silver Ninja] from your hand and/or Graveyard in face-down Defense mode.  There can only be 1 [Silver] Ninja face-up on the field.
Are there good Ninjas besides Strike Ninja? Seems kinda bad for a 1-tribute.

Donguris ("Acorn Squirrel")
Each time opponent special summon monster(s), put a Donguri Counter on this card.  You can remove a Donguri Counter from this card to choose and destroy a monster on opponent's field.
Normal Rare
Too bad this has non-existant stats. If it had a reasonable DEF I could see this card being OK, but it's not going to survive to get a counter on it for its effect to go off.

Fire/Bird - Spirit/6/2100/1800
This card cannot be Special Summoned.  Return this card to its owner's hand at the end of the turn this card is Summoned or Reversed.  When this card is Summoned or Reversed, destroy all set Magic and Trap cards on opponent's field.
A one-tribute Heavy Storm spirit with a body. I think Mobius is a better card overall, and he sees little play in Monarch variants as it is.

Tribe-Shocking Virus
Once per turn, you can removed a monster in your hand from game to activate.  Destroy all monsters on the field with the same Type as the monster removed from game by this effect.
The much talked-about "return" of Tribe-Infecting Virus. I think people will try this out in their sidedecks mainly to combat Agents and Darkworld, or other mainly mono-type decks, but realistically Gozen Match is better. We also have more mass removal, perhaps to the point of this card not mattering that much.

Goblin Hole-Filling Force
When this card is successfully summoned, Trap card cannot be activated.  Also, while this card is face-up on the field, when a monster is successfully summoned, reversed summoned, or special summoned, Trap cards with [Pit Trap] in its name cannot be activated.
Normal Rare
I'm really not sure what Pit Trap is, or how it's relevant in the competitive game. This is another Trap Stun-with-a-body card that has the Warrior type going for it.

Death Usagi ("Death Rabbit")
Reverse: Deal 1000 damages to opponent's Life for each non-Token Normal Monster face-up on your field.
Burn for only Normal Monsters? At most I would consider siding it if people play a lot of normals monsters, but even then, it doesn't seen necessary.

Rescue Rabbit
This card cannot be special summoned from deck.  Remove this card on your field from game to activate.  Choose and Special Summon 2 Level 4 or less Normal Monsters with the same name from your deck.  Destroy the monsters special summon by this effect during End Phase.  The effect of [Rescue Rabbit] can only be used once per turn.
The chase card of the set, granted it's printed as a Secret Rare. Decks are built around this little guy, mainly to bring out Lagia.
4/5 - It ain't Rescue Cat, and it can't be brought out by Monk like Cat could.
Market value: If Secret, I predict that it will start out as a $70-80 card due to hype. It will dip a little after its initial hype, and from there, it depends on how well it does at future YCS events.
If you want to play the deck you're gonna need a playset, so good luck with that.

Baby Tragon
Earth/Dragon - Exceeds/Rank 1/900/900
Level 1 Monster x3
Can be activate during your Main Phase 1 by removing an Exceeds material from this card and choose a face-up Level 1 monster on your field. The chosen monster can attack opponent directly.
Super Rare
It's too bad we can't use tokens to XYZ. In current situations, the only 1-star monsters people are playing with are things like Veiler, Crow, Spore, Bulb, and a distant Treeborn Frog. In most of those situations, you'll be going for Formula, which I would go for pretty much 100% of the time over this. Being able to attack directly with a random level 1 monster probably isn't going to win you the game.

No. 83 Galaxy Queen
Dark/Spellcaster - Exceeds/Rank 1/500/500
Level 1 Monster x3
Once per turn, activate by removing an Exceeds material from this card. Until opponent's next End Phase, monsters on your field cannot be destroy in Battle, and when one of them attacks a monster in defense mode, and its attack strength is greater than that monster's defense strength, deal Battle damage to opponent equal to the difference.
Super Rare
This guy is more of a game ender than Baby Tragon, but even then, again, I'd probably go Forumla. I think bringing out 3 non-token level 1s is too hard. Extra deck space is getting tighter and tighter, and I don't imagine either of these Rank 1's making it in unless your deck is specifically built to enable them.
1.5/5 Extra 0.5 because it's better than Tragon.
Market Value: $6-8

Black Ray Lancer
Dark/Beast-Warrior - Exceeds/Rank 3/2100/600
Level 3 Water-attribute Monster x2
Once per turn, you can remove an Exceeds material from this card and choose a face-up monster on the field to activate.  The effect of the chosen monster is negated until End Phase.
Super Rare
This is OK in a water deck, but I'd more than likely bring out Leviathan or Leviair over this guy. If you can activate this effect during either player's turn (not sure), well, that means it's going to be stuff like Caius, Hyperion, BLS, and it's just gonna get ran over. Anything other than that and they just won't summon it.

No. 10 White Knight Illuminator
Light/Warrior - Exceeds/Rank 4/2400/2400
Level 4 Monster x3
Once per turn, you can remove an Exceeds material from this card to activate.  Send a card from your hand to Graveyard, draw a card from your deck.
Ultra/Ultimate Rare
Our other tin promo. In playability I like this guy over Galaxy-Eyes, but realistically no one's going to XYZ 3 monsters just to bring this guy out.
Market Value: $5-7, same story as Galaxy Eyes.

No. 20 Ant Rock-Ground Brill-Ant
Light/Insect - Exceeds/Rank 3/1800/1800
Level 3 Monster x2
Once per turn, you can remove an Exceeds material from this card to activate.  Increase the attack strength of all face-up monsters on your field by 300.
Ultra/Ultimate Rare
(NOTE: The Kanji for "Ant Rock-Ground" is pronounced "Giganto" in Japanese)
I don't see this guy replacing Leviathan or Leviair, or bumping other currently-used extra deck cards.

Evolkaiser Ragia
Fire/Dragon - Exceeds/Rank 4/2400/2000
Level 4 Dino-type Monster x2
Remove 2 Exceeds material from this card to activate.  Negate the activation of a Magic or Trap card, or the Summon, Special Summon of a monster.
Ultra/Ultimate Rare
This is the best thing that dinosaurs have going for them, and it's quite good at that. Solemn Judgment-on-a-stick will undoubtedly see play, too bad it's restricted to only Dino types. If Rescue Rabbit.dek proves to be a top contender, well you need this guy as well.
5/5 This and SCR Rescue Rabbit will be the biggest chase cards of this set.
Market Value: Like Rabbit, it's sort of contingent on how well rabbit.dek does. I will predict $30-$40 initial value.

Thunder End Dragon
Light/Dragon - Exceeds/Rank 8/3000/2000
Level 8 Normal Monster x2
Once per turn, activate by removing an Exceeds material from this card. Destroy all monster on the field except this card.
Ultra/Ultimate Rare
Broke effect, too bad it has to be with normal monsters. Even without the normal monster requirement, it'd be difficult to bring out anyway, or at least a heavy investment. This thing only fits in Blue-Eyes builds.
Market Value: $15, will go down and likely not come back up.

Attack Regulation
Magic - Continuous
When there are 3 or more monsters on opponent's field, your opponent cannot declare attack.
Pointless card is pointless.

Giant Vanity Shadow
Magic - Quickplay
Can be activate by choosing a face-up monster on field when a monster declares attack.  The attack strength of the chosen monster is increase by 1000 until end of that Battle Phase.
I think in most cases Shrink would be a better card, and that doesn't even get played.

Monster Slot
Magic - Normal
Choose a face-up monster on your field, and remove the chosen monster and a monster in your Graveyard with the same level from game.  Afterward, draw a card.  Reveal the drawed card to both player, if it's a monster with the same level as the chosen monster, special summon it.
Seems too gimmicky and a minus just to get the draw-one effect. I'd much rather run Upstart Goblin.

Cross Attack
Magic - Normal
Choose 2 monsters face-up on your field with the same attack strength to activate.  During this turn, one of the chosen monster can attack opponent directly.  The other monster cannot attack.
What's up with all these direct attack cards?

Exceeds Gift
Magic - Normal
Activate only when you have 2 or more face-up Exceeds monster on your field.  Remove 2 Exceeds material from your field, draw 2 cards.
This card I actually like. It's a little situational, I think UO Gadgets are about the only deck that can consistently have out 2+ XYZs. It's an OK card.

Photon Veil
Magic - Normal
Return 3 Light-attribute monsters from hand to deck, then choose up to 3 Light-attribute monsters with Level 4 or less from deck to hand.  When you add 2 or more monsters to your hand, they must have the same name. I remember this card getting hyped up a while ago to search out multiple Veilers, but I think the requirements are too steep just to search more Veilers/Heralds.

Photon Lead
Magic - Quickplay
Special Summon a Light-attribute monster with Level 4 or less from hand in face-up attack mode.
Now if it were level 4 or above, that'd be nice. The best play I can see with this is summon Earth, search Venus, play this card, special Venus, get balls, and go for Trish. I guess that's OK but I don't think most people would take the minus.

Photon Booster
Magic - Normal
Choose a non-Token face-up Light-attribute monster with Level 4 or less on field to activate.  The attack strength of the chosen monster and all face-up monsters with the same name becomes 2000 until End Phase.
Wow combo with Mystical Shine Ball. I'd hate to get hit by 3 balls for 6000, lol. Kinda situational.

Fate of Evolution
Magic - Continuous
When a monster is successfully special summon by the effect of [Evoldo] monster, opponent cannot activate the effect of Magic, Trap, or Effect Monster.
Pretty decent Evoldo card. I could see this being important in the deck and provides a stun aspect to it.
1/5, 4/5 for Evoldo

Miracle of Evolution
Magic - Quickplay
Choose a monster that is special summon by the effect of [Evoldo] monster to activate.  During this turn, the chosen monster cannot be destroy in battle or by the effect of cards.
I'd probably just run Forbidden Lance over this; less situational.

Overwound Spring
Magic - Normal
Choose a [Zenmai] monster in your Graveyard to activate. Special summon the chosen monster in face-up defense mode. The effect of the monster special summon by this card's effect is negated, cannot be released, and cannot be used as Synchro Material.
Decent recursion for Wind-Ups I guess.

Extra Gate
Magic - Quickplay
Choose a level between 1 and 12.  Your opponent remove a monster with the same chosen level from his/her Extra Deck. If opponent doesn't have any monster with the chosen level, choose a discard a card from your hand.
Super Rare
I don't think it's worth the minus to just get rid of a card from their extra deck.

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