Saturday, October 29, 2011

Locals Report 10-29-11; Lightning Comics

So this morning after taking my dog to the vet, I made a last-minute decision to switch back to Agents because I just wasn't feeling comfortable enough with plants. A few days ago I watched dubkdad's Youtube video about playing what you're comfortable with and not always going by what you see in YCS results and stuff. What works for one person may not always be the case for another. So I rebuild Agents while watching Beavis and Butthead (hell ya for their return) and American Horror Story. I tell Zach that I'll be leaving soon since I have to go to his place and pick up his part of the money for the PHSW case and he wants me to sell off his collection. I get to his place and wait like 20 minutes for him to finally get back from the ATM but finally get the money and his stuff.

I get to Lightning and they're having a Halloween costume contest thing and there's also some local comic artists that are drawing random things for people. Superheroes, YuGiOh cards, etc. I trade with a few people and notice a lot of people are playing DW. I ask Colin what he's playing and he says "Darkworld" but I'm not sure whether to believe him or not but I adjust my side for the high number of DW I see anyway, and figure I'd include my anti-gadget and anti-GB stuff just in case. Jeff and his wife Melissa finally show so we test a little. We end up waiting till like 2:30 for the tourney to finally start due to the costume contest (normally starts at 1 or 1:30). Again there are a total of 8 people.

Round 1 vs Colin (Darkworld)
Game 1:
He wins the die roll and sets a monster and 2 s/t. I assume it's Morphing Jar so I Venus into Gachi and set my traps, attack and it's Broww. I'm like O_o he doesn't seem to know how to play the deck. He uses Dealings a bunch on Grapha and Snoww while I discard useless stuff like Veiler. I try to bait out a Grapha summon since I have Bottomless set but he DWLightnings it. I bring out Hyperion and pick away at his stuff. We both get down to like 3 cards while I have a Hyperion out. He brings out Grapha but runs into Honest, then I attack for the rest of his LPs.
Game 2:
I take 17 from a Snoww hit and that's it, I don't get to use any of my sided cards but I take it pretty easily (guessing he had a bad hand)

Round 2 vs Melissa (Naturia)
This is our first tourney match but we've played quite a few games casually, with her even beating me in a few. Bambooshoot can be scary if you don't draw a monster to deal with it.
Game 1:
She gets me down to 4100 but my monsters do a helluva lot more than hers, and she's still learning the game so it's kinda one-sided.
Game 2:
Pretty much the same story as last game, I don't really let her get anything going. In casuals I'm much nicer but in tourney I basically play every match as if I was in the final round of a regional/other large tourney.

Round 3 vs Jeff (Karakuri)
I think both of our games I bring out Trish and I'm lovin 2 mained Maxx C against his deck and bringing in the 3rd. I also end up tribute summoning out Kristya and he just can't deal with her. Game 2 I end up bringing out a 4000 Chimera and summon Earth to attack for game when he was at 46. I tell him about Jeff Jones' YCS Karakuri deck and told him I'd play it in a few weeks. Jeff (not Jones) thinks of himself as like a Karakuri guru, I'm gonna feel bad beating him with it, even though his is a very pure build right down to every single one of his monsters, and nearly all of his spell and traps. We talk a little about Cyber Dragon and how useful it is and he has like an internal dilemma about it not being a Karakuri, I was like "well no one's gonna think any less of you for running non-Karakuris or anything. If it helps your deck it's worth it." We'll see what he does.

This week we don't do a top 4 since we started later due to the costume contest. I'm the only undefeated, so I win for the 5th week in a row. It reminds me of Booker T (WCW/WWE) and I think to myself "I'm the 5-time, 5-time, 5-time, Lightning Comics Champion" (he used to say WCW Champion). I think I do a few little trades and I test a little with my Plants against Jeff, and yea, I just feel a lot more comfortable running Agents. I ask Big Mike about how the Sneak's gonna be next week and he said it'll be regular entry but also have the option of 5 packs+promo for $20. I'm still unsure if I will buy into that or not but I'll definitely play in the regular tourney.

Monsters: 28
3 Hyperion
3 Venus
3 Earth
3 Shine Ball
2 T-King
2 Maxx C
2 Veiler
3 Tour Guide
1 Sangan
1 Gorz
1 Kristya
1 Trag
1 Honest
1 Birdman

Spells: 6
1 Hole
1 Reborn
1 Heavy
1 Mind

Traps: 7
1 Dustshoot
1 Torrential
1 M. Force
2 Bottomless
2 D-Prison

Same as last weekend

2 Crow
2 Debunk
2 Gemini Imps
1 Shadow Mirror
1 Maxx C
2 Pulling
2 Oaths
2 Cydra

I'm loving the 2 maindeck C's and I wasn't really missing Orange, in comparison to Veiler. I still like 1 Kristya and 1 Trag. Bottomless does fine for me and I liked my upped D-Prison count to 2. I'm not even sure if I want to run Warnings, lol. I think my main is pretty much perfectly catered to my local now, and I'm always adjusting my side to make it relevant as well. I'll play this next weekend for the sneak and then I'll probably try out Jeff Jones' Karakuri (minus the Fiendish Chains, just don't like that card), at a closer tourney like Uncle's after that. If I like Karakuri enough I'll end up selling my Plant stuff (namely Bulb, maybe Tengus).

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