Saturday, October 8, 2011

Locals Report 10-8-11; Lightning Comics

So I hear from Donut about a box tournament the downtown Uncle's is having, and I have every intention of going until my wife said she was going to be shopping downtown with her cousin. I couldn't take the risk of my car being seen parked on the street (I may explain this in a future post), so I decided to just stick to going to Lightning. I was very torn though because I knew that if I went I'd more than likely win. Whatever.

Didn't do too much before going to the tourney; took my dog to the vet, picked up Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection at Best Buy for $15, came home, had a quick bite, and went on my way.

So I show up and similar to the Sunday I showed up at, it was very sparse. I thought maybe people had heard about the box tournament so they went to Spokane, but I asked Donut and he said he was the only Idaho person there. Now, there's basically no reason for the dwindling attendance at Lightning that I can see, other than that people just aren't interested in playing at the moment.

So the total turn-out for the tourney was 8; one more than last week, when I had thought maybe they weren't playing because there was the MtG Pre/Release. I play the exact same deck I ran last weekend - I was gonna take out the AOJ Decisive Armor for a 2nd Gachi but forgot; either way I didn't need either - coulda gone AOJ but going for Trish is better. I did go 2 Gachi but he Grand Mole'd my Gachi back so I didn't need to have 2. I'll definitely have the 2nd in the future though.

Round 1 vs stinky guy w/ jank Malefics
This guy showed up last week as well, I dunno what is deal is but you can tell he's special needs and smells like a combination of armpit and butt. When pairings were posted, I found him playing on the Duel Terminal and he was spaz'ing out on the monitor with his hands, all touching it like he's typing on a keyboard. I'm like O_o
So as I'm shuffling he mumbles something and says "know what I mean?" I ignore it the first time but he repeats "know what I mean?" and I'm like "...yes..."
I can't really go into the specifics of this game - I do know that the only damage I took was those that I inflicted on myself via Venus, and he barely knows what his own cards do. I had no freaking clue either lol. I knew I had it when he pulls out his un-sleeved beat up deck and beat up extra deck with no mat. After the game I asked him if he was even running Malefic Stardusts and he was like "no I still need to get those." At least they'll be out soon in the tin!

Round 2 vs guy from Boise w/ deck that focused on Rank 5 XYZs
For the first time I got to see Tiras played against me, and I was surprised how decent it is. His deck ran stuff like Cyber Dragon, Tricky, Quickdraw Synchron, to bring out Tiras/Adreus. He also brought out a Fleur Synchron, which I had never seen as well. Pretty decent actually, a lot like Shi En.
Both games I just continuously gain advantage and drop Kristya. The deck minuses itself way too much and Tiras/Adreus aren't worth the resources you have to put into them.
Game 2 I open with the Stardust + Gachi play with Dustshoot and it's pretty much in the bag for me from there.

Round 3 vs Colin, still playing Offering Gadget but he threw Tengus and more tech in
So it was the same finals as last week.
Game 1: I had answers to just about everything he played. Agents do what they're supposed to do and continuously gain advantage.
Game 2: This was a very exciting back-and-forth game. I open with a hand like T-King, Ball, Hyperion, Mind Control, Reborn and draw into Pulling. Pretty crap. He's playing Grand Mole so every XYZ guy I make gets bounced, so that restricts a lot of my moves. I eventually Mirror Force it. In the late game, I'm down to 1300 while he's still at around 4000. He was +4 on me so I really didn't expect to win but figured I'd play it out. I'm able to make a Gachi with 2 Earths and I feel safer. Luckily his Level Limit is really restricting his plays but I always have to fear Utopia coming out, which he does bring out like 3 times but I'm able to deal with it with lucky topdecks.
He eventually has no monsters so I start attacking with Gachi, Venus, and Earths, not all at once; over the course of 6-8 turns. Basically anything that could get around Level Limit. The score becomes 500 to 450, he has Level Limit and a face-up Call. He summons Red. My field is empty and I draw into D-Prison and get a Heavy Storm that I Gold Sarc'd 2 turns ago, and decide to set both. He goes into Zenmaister, MSTs my Storm, and I play the D-Prison. Whew. I draw and topdeck Torrential. He sets a monster. I draw a T-King. He summons Tengu (his last, other 2 in grave) and I torrential. Draw into Gorz. I'm like damn well that's pointless. I summon T-King and Level Limit switches it to D, I figure I'd turn off his Gadget searches. I think he summons a Gadget for no effect. I draw into Hyperion, and eventually pick away at his Level Limit, then his activated Gravity Bind, and I get the win. We were both at that low LPs for about 10+ turns - it really could've gone either way.

So undefeated again, but these victories are really shallow since there's really no one good. But I also have to consider that this is part of Team O's goal, to have members spread out a bit and dominate as many locals as we can. No point in all of us playing in one place. Colin gave me a good challenge in the last game of the finals, but he needs to take crap like Level Limit and Gravity Bind out. If he didn't have Level Limit he woulda beat me game 2 ages ago. XYZs are too prevalent for that strategy to be effective.

It's really not worth it for me to drive all the way to CDA from northside Spokane for $8-9 of store credit, which I have to pay $5 anyway to enter (granted I get the turbo pack as well) and drive 30+ miles each way. I can't play next weekend since I have work, so I finally get to sell my secret T-Kings to Troll&Toad, since I'll get the common ones I ordered by the time I can play again. I'm most likely done going to Lightning until the PHSW Sneak, where I'll use my store credit to pay for the entry, and any credit I may win will just go toward buying sleeves or something. Actually, fuck, I may have to work that weekend as well. I dunno, either way I'm getting rid of my credit there relatively soon and probably won't be showing back up until their numbers go back to how they were when I first showed up (like consistently ~16 people).

Donut lost to Shiggs in the last round at the box tournament because of Skill Drain and Light Imprisoning Mirror, I'm like "I get to kick you in the balls now LOL". I get my store credit, take Nate to the bank (which was closed, sadface) and talk a little bit, then call Danny as I head home. He's stoked that Shiggs beat Donut, I head to Danny's since I have to pick up his Fossil Dynas to sell and to congratulate Shiggs. I go there and the box is still sealed, so I offer to buy it for $60. I find out that Shiggs played very standard Blackwings with an excellent side, and I'm like O_O. Cudos to him though, I'm glad he won something of that caliber. Maybe now he'll stick with a deck rather than always spending $ making it, selling it off, and losing money in the process. I show Danny and Shiggs some magic tricks I know, and head out. Pulls from the box were pretty garbage, but in the end I'll break even so can't complain.

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