Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ramblings for today (Maxx C & Tour Guide Update, Top 32 lists, eBay Rant, etc)

Seems like the folks at DGZ have finally gotten around to compiling the top 32 decklists as well, so I will be stepping away from the task of finding them and typing them out on here. At the moment they pretty much have all the same lists as me but they got people to post their own as well, since I'm sure not all of them are gonna be on Youtube. Eventually they'll show up on Pojo as well (if they haven't already), and the community's manpower > mine. Hopefully you enjoyed seeing them (in text) here before anywhere else though! I will be doing this for future YCS' as well. If you don't have a DGZ account for what ever reason, well you should go make one.

So as predicted in my last post, the buy price for Maxx C has gone up. On Troll&Toad they are offering $25 for both 1st and Unlimited editions. ARG has yet to update, but I know they don't update every single night like Troll does. For some reason though, Troll's buy price for 1st ed Tour Guides has dropped all the way to $90, while they still offer $135 for Unl. ARG's are still roughly the same ($137.75 1st, $120.25 Unl). My guess is that someone sold them a few, and from what I've noticed, every time someone sells them X card, their buy price for it goes down but then steadily climbs back up. For example I sold them 2 E-Hero Prismas one time for like $6.50, they accepted, and that very night they lowered it to like $5.85, but now they're back up to $6.50 (Gold) and $7 (DPCT). It's probably to avoid getting a flood of a particular card at the possible news of a reprint or something, so they can investigate and see why people may be selling X card to them. I dunno, all that is just a big giant guess, but it makes sense right? I know that if all of a sudden a bunch of people were trying to sell X card to me, I'd be curious as to why. Also on a big ticket item like Tour Guide, I'd want to make sure I sold the ones I had before I bought up too many more at a high price.

So my order of DW Structure box (split with Danny) and GENF SE box came in today, Danny and I were both like "eh, I don't even want these." I decided to open up 3 for myself and will try to trade/sell off the other. It's still a pretty decent product for its reprints and I'll probably swap out my sleeved up GK deck for DW just for the sake of having it built and sleeved. I pulled absolutely crappy in my GENF SE box; Smashing Horn for my Secret, and Leviathan & E-Hero Nova guy as my Ultras. Poopy. Only one more week for the Wave 2 tins though! I can't wait to have Warnings again and I've never owned a Fossil Dyna lol. To be honest I've been very content with Bottomless and D-Prison though, against these trigger-happy guys at my locals I can't really afford the life cost.

I tested a match with Shiggs with my Plants vs his GB, I lost 1-2 with no siding. I never liked the game 1 Plant-GB match-up. Shiggs plays at the downtown Uncle's on Saturdays so I asked him if he thought I should just come there. He said it basically sounds like the prize support is the same as Lightning, so there's no reason I should be driving all the way out there. Attendance for both places is about the same, pretty poopy. He said he'd like the competition with me being there :) My biggest thought is in regards to the Sneak; I want to go to the one where I feel there will be the most people since that means more people to plus off of in trades and more prize support via the tourney. My guess is that it'll be Lightning, so I want to build up my credit for that event, use it all up, and then play somewhere closer after that.

Between now and the release of PHSW, I'm not too sure what I will write about. Columbus has come and gone, DW didn't live up to its hype, and I don't think any more on the matter needs to be discussed since just about everyone and their mother has already talked about it (via forums, Youtube, and blogs). I think people will be shifting their hype toward Rabbit/Dinos, and again people will be asking themselves "Will it live up to the hype??"

So I sold my copy of Dead Space 2 on eBay literally 9 days ago (17th), and just last night the buyer opened an Item Not Received case. Now, that's just insane because that is a mere 8 days that they allowed for the item to get there. They stated that they tried to contact me via eBay and I didn't respond nor was I trying to help. Well guess what, I received no messages whatsoever from this person, and told eBay that they are free to look through my Inbox, Sent, and Deleted folders to verify this. I check the tracking and I sent it out on the 20th, and it arrived at its destination on the 22nd. Pretty speedy for First-Class all the way from WA to FL!

Here is what I wrote in my case response:
"I find the opening of this case laughable for 3 reasons:
1. The buyer stated that they tried to contact me via eBay. I have received no messages asking the whereabouts of the item. You are free to check my Inbox, Deleted messages, and Sent box to verify this.
2. The buyer paid for this item on the 17th and I sent this out on the 20th. With the case being opened yesterday, that is a mere 8 day wait for a case to be opened. 8 days. Say it to yourself and realize how ridiculous that sounds.
3. The item was sent with Delivery Confirmation and the tracking clearly says it showed up on the freakin' 22nd! 2 days after I sent the item. Imagine that!!
From USPS tracking site: Delivered, Oct-22-11, 09:26 AM, MIAMI, FL, 33166
Yea, I am just overall disgusted with the whole eBay process in general and how quickly one can open these cases. And all that does is hurt my account because he opened the damn thing. In eBay's eyes I would be a "bad" seller because this was opened against me. See why I have grown to hate it so much? The guy must either have balls of steel or is as dumb as a rock to try and open an INR case on an item that came with Delivery Confirmation and furthermore shows exactly when it arrived. My guess is that he's just beaten the game and wants to get his money back. It would've been smarter for him to file an Item Not as Described case and say the game didn't work when he tried to run it, send the game back to me, and get his money back. But, you know, that's what someone who isn't as dumb as a rock would do. Congrats dude, you're derp-tastic.

UPDATE: LOL, just a mere 10 minutes after replying back on my case, the buyer willingly closed the case on his own. Now watch, he'll leave me negative feedback cuz he wasn't able to fk me over.


  1. What is your DGZ username? lol

  2. Haha I'm glad he withdrew the case. Sounds like a huge moron.