Friday, October 14, 2011

Week in Review

So I managed to survive my hellish week! We ended up firing our realtors because my wife and the main realtor butted heads/personality clash. I don't know how it all started, but the realtor told her "well we are losing part of our commission because you guys are USAA (military-only service, get good rates on auto, home, mortage, loans, etc) and have spent a lot of time on you guys as it is." I was like "well it's really none of our concern if you get less commission, either help us find a house and get your cut, or we'll find someone else that's willing to get paid. If you don't want to work with military/government, don't." That'd be like if I was a waiter and 2 senior citizens came into my restaurant and they chose to order soup and a sandwich off the senior menu, would I be like "well since you're ordering off the senior menu and the food being cheaper, that means I'm going to get less of a tip, so I'm just gonna bring you steak and salmon since that's more expensive, or whatever I feel that you should have." ? No, absolutely not, you treat them just as you would any other customer.

Going into it, our basic criteria we were looking for was 3 bed/2 bath, back yard with a fence, gas heating, in a good neighborhood, and <= $120K. We could go down to 2 bed/2 bath and build our own fence, but the other stuff was pretty much a requirement. My wife had some other small criteria like trying to not be close to a park (since she's allergic to grass), but we were willing to budge on those. Well they were trying to show us 2 bed/1 baths, places in very crummy neighborhoods (like we saw gangsters walking around in one as we drove by), houses w/ oil heating (apparently very expensive), the dish-washer and shower head taken out of it, and all kinds of crap. Sure there were some nice houses, but they were in a flood zone, were way above what we could afford, or just too small in square footage. Our price range isn't optimal, but it's certainly doable. We've been given new realtors so we'll see how they turn out.

I also managed to get all my homework done for the week (except the one that's due Monday, need to do that today and the rest of the weekend), beat Dead Space 2 and listed on eBay, sold my MadCatz FightStick for PS3 and got it mailed off, packaged up and shipped out my sells to ARG and Troll, just put in 2 hours into Ico, so I'm feelin' pretty good. I'll be getting about $210 from ARG and $100 from Troll, so I should now be good to go for my case of PHSW. I still need to order Fabled Ravens :( Unfortunately my common Thunder Kings STILL haven't come in, and since I sold my secret ones to Troll, it probably means I won't be running them this weekend unless they happen to come in tomorrow. I ordered them pre-sell and they were to ship out on the 5th. 9 days should be plenty for First-Class mail, hell, even Media mail woulda got here by now. My guess is that the bbcards guy didn't end up pulling enough of them out of the LC02 stuff he had so needs to order more, I dunno, haven't heard from him. Either that or he just forgot :/ If they aren't in by Monday I'll be sending him a message. So what do I run in place of T'Kings in Agents? Tragoedia, more traps, Duality, or other tech? Guess I'll have to look around the Poj and DGZ as to what the best option is.

So in the Yugz world seems like the spoiler for Gates of the Underworld and one of the cards from the new Dragon structure deck got revealed. I had a feeling that they would keep Trag in, so I'm glad I sold off all my Ultras. I had a couple Super Battle Faders I just couldn't get rid of, but ah well not too bad of a loss. Another Dark Bribe reprint is cool, except that card will always see just as much play as it ever has, AKA hardly any. I wish they would've included Dragged Down into the Grave, but since I knew it wasn't in the OCG deck it probably wouldn't be in here, so I'm glad I picked up my copies before they go up.

The revealed Dragon card is
Light Pulsar Dragon
Light/Dragon/Effect - 6 stars
You can banish 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster from your Graveyard; Special Summon this card from your hand. You can send 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster from your hand to your Graveyard; Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. If this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: You can target 1 Level 5 or higher DARK Dragon-Type monster from your Graveyard; Special Summon that target.

Seems like good Dragon support, I will be trying to pick up all REDMD's and Koa'ki Dragos I can in hopes that their value goes up. They're kinda hard to find around here so I probably won't be able to scoop up many anyway. I don't think the FTK deck will be viable enough to affect play at the YCS level. 

In about 2 weeks the Wave 2 tins will be out. I've changed my mind as to how many I'll get - I really don't care about Darksoul or Ehren, so I'm just gonna go with 4 of the Galaxy Eyes tins rather than 3/1. I don't think Illumiknight will see competitive play, seeing as how we'll get Gemknight Pearl here pretty soon, probably some other Rank 4s as well, so there's really no reason for me to get that tin. That will leave me a spare Fossil Dyna for trade which will be nice.

I read that Shonen Jump won't be printing magazines past March or April of 2012 and will be moving to digital versions. That will save them a lot of money as a business, and if they still include the promos for subscribing you'll still have people subscribe. I dunno how/if they'll do the regular magazine promos though, that would suck if they didn't. Either way I feel that this is bad news and just another casualty of the bad economy and changing times. Speaking of Jump, I'm still waiting on this month's issue. I've been getting them at the start of every month aaand it's now the 14th. Did I get mail-jacked? I don't really care, as long as there was no promo card in it. 

I believe that covers it for this week's news. I think there have been some more revealed PHSW exclusives, I will look them up and write a review on them. Hopefully I get my 3rd local win in a row tomorrow - doesn't mean much since it's been 8 players, but a win's a win. You know it's OK for you guys to side in Leeching the Light, I won't be mad! I'll actually be flattered since you thought of me :3 

Oh I also forgot to mention, for some reason Troll & Toad's buylist has drastically been reduced in terms of what they're buying. The list looks like it's been cut in about half. I'm not sure if it's because someone or a bunch of people started selling them stuff and they no longer need it, or people just aren't buying from them as much and they are losing money from buying so much. A few of the random jank cards I picked up and traded for, they are no longer buying, so I guess I lose out there. Hopefully they will put them back up so I can sell them off. I need to remember my own advice and not linger around with jank cards, sell 'em off ASAP.

I'm gonna try 1 Trag and 1 Duality, instead of the 2 T-Kings and replacing the Solemn Judgment with a D-prison. I don't think I activated Solemn once out of all my games the past 2 weekends, usually it just gets MST'd. If the T-Kings are in the mail today then I'll stick with those and try out the DP instead of Solemn anyway.

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  1. I have yet to receive my Jump in the mail too... has it gone bi-monthly perhaps? :S :S