Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's up with Team O? Status update

Sorry for the lack of updates the past 2 days, I have been extremely busy with homework while also trying to find a new house. On Sunday my wife and I were gone literally from 8:30AM to 6PM looking at houses with our realtors, and on Monday we went from about 5:30PM to 10:30PM. It is such a tedious thing to do; sometimes I'm just like "yea, let's just go with this one" but I know it's an important decision since we're looking to buy our first house rather than just rent. There are too many "what if" factors that it just drives you crazy. Speaking of homework, I have an assignment due tomorrow, another assignment due on friday, a test on friday, and a larger homework assignment due on Monday. I kinda feel fucked but I've had many similar scenarios like this since I went back to school so it's somewhat normal. I've survived in each of them.

I'm also juggling selling cards to Troll and ARG, mailing out Pojo trades, the plan of buying cases of PHSW, Yugz in general, while also trying to find time to play my PS3. I just bought Chrono Trigger on PSN and played it for like 10 minutes, bought the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection and haven't touched it, but first and foremost trying to finish up Dead Space 2 (only 2 chapters left) so I can sell it and move on. That's what I tend to do with games nowadays, buy it used for cheap and play it through once, then sell it. A lot of the times I can break even or lose like $5, so it's like a $5 many-month rental.

We have a regionals coming up in Seattle on November 11 but I'll unfortunately not be able to go (atm). It's gonna sound kinda gay, but my wife and I bought tickets to Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil about 9 months ago for $250 a ticket. Back then I obviously wasn't thinking "I wonder what this year's regionals schedule is gonna look like?" and my wife really wanted to go so I said yes. I just found out today that someone on Craigslist is trying to sell their single ticket for $800. We have better seats and are next to each other, so I figure ours would be worth even more. Now, if you ask me which I'd rather have, $550-$600 in profit per ticket, or a 2-3 hour show of dancers that dance to/like Michael Jackson, I'd go with the money 365, 24/7 as I'm sure many of you would as well. The money would also be beneficial for the purchase of our house. If I can convince my wife that we should sell our tickets I'd more than likely be able to go to the regional. But, she's rather stubborn and doesn't always go with the most logical option, so we shall see.

This weekend I'll be staying at Danny's so if any of the team want to get in some good testing this would be the perfect opportunity. I'll be playing at most likely Lightning on Saturday if only to just get rid of my store credit. Those Legendary Collection 2 binders were staring at me last weekend and I was staring back lol. Not sure on Sunday - depends how my homework is looking.

Nate lost all his stuff so looks like he's starting over from scratch. I don't mind giving staples and that kinda stuff for him to re-build a deck, as I'm sure everyone else wouldn't mind. Not sure what is up with the rest of the team; I haven't seen a few members for months now. I'd like one of us to top 4 Seattle so we're gonna have to get cracking once DW comes out.

Once I have a little more breathing room in terms of homework load/life stuff I'll do a more insightful post. I haven't been on Pojo much to see if any more exclusives' effects were revealed since I'd like to finish out the PHSW Set review; all I really have had time for is to check Shriek TCG, look it over, see that there are no updates for it, and move on with the things I need to get done.

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